Phase 1:  January 2015 – December 2015: “Strengthening and nurturing our love for the Mother of God”


Phase I is the preparation year through a renewal of our devotion to Mary.  The Redemptorist Centre for Spirituality will provide modules for the Congregation worldwide that would enable us reflect on our call as consecrated persons and at the same time provide some material that would enable deeper reflection in the role Mary plays in that life.


Phase II.  2016: Our Mother of Perpetual Help – “Icon of Love” – Celebration


Phase II would be the celebration stage whereby the Congregation throughout the world, along with those who celebrate Mary as Our Mother of Perpetual Help, would organize various events that would reflect the great love for and devotion to Mary as Perpetual Help. A central feature of this celebration would be a celebration at the Shrine in Rome, hopefully attended by Pope Francis. It is expected that each Unit and Conference would organize culminating activities for the anniversary. It is highly recommended that the culminating/major celebrations be held on/centred around the Feast Day, June 27.


Phase III. 2016-2017   A renewal of “Make her known” Missionary dimension


Following the culminating events of the actual anniversary, the challenge would be to renew our commitment to the original mandate of Pius IX to “make her known.” This would be the challenge to invigorate our ministry of evangelization, especially through the use of the Icon as a tool of evangelization. Responsibility for this would rest heavily with the Units of the Congregation and the Conferences.



Here's a video which explains the above general stages/phases of the 150th Jubilee Celebrations of the Icon of Our Mother of Perpetual Help.  This video is anchored by Fr. Phil Dabney, CSsR., Representative of the North American Conference on the Redemptorist General Commission for the Jubilee Celebrations.