Pilgrimage is a very appropriate way to celebrate the 150th Jubilee of the Icon of Our Mother of Perpetual Help.  Multitude of pilgrims all over the world have set out on a journey that they hope will bring them ever closer to the Lord, his Blessed Mother or a beloved Saint.  During this Jubilee celebrations, there are various possible ways to make a pilgrimage.  Here are some possibilities:

Pilgrimage to Rome


The Church of Sant Alfonso where the Icon is enshrined  will be prepared for the many pilgrims who will come to Rome during the Jubilee celebrations.  A proper program will be offered for pilgrims in different languages.  An OMPH "pilgrimage" that will be relatively low cost in lodging and sight-seeing will also be explored.




Reverse Pilgrimage of the Icon


A Pilgrimage of the Copy of the Icon from Rome, blessed by the Pope during the main celebration in Rome is planned to make a pilgrimage to all Redemptorist Units in the world.  from June 2016 to June 2017.  There will be 5 Icon copies that will be blessed by the Pope for the 5 conferences of the congregation. The Icon copy will carry a “missionary mandate” and will be presented to selected churches in the different units. This event will be a “global mission “of the Redemptorists and as a means of new evangelization.  There would be a specific liturgy and prayer service created to accompany the icon.

Local Pilgrimage

A local Pilgrimage of a Picture of the Icon can also be circulated within the Parish.  There is a tradition of taking the icon on Visitation (pilgrimage) to the houses of the parish where there is a Novena. It organizes a plan/schedule of the families who wish to do so. Each family gets a copy of the picture blessed by the parish and takes it home for 24 hours, to pray as a family in front of it - possibly with the help of a manual of prayers. The following day the family brings the picture to the church and after mass, it is handed over to another family.



Here's a helpful theological guide for making a pilgrimage, click to download: