The Redemptorists are a missionary congregation founded by St. Alphonsus de Ligouri in 1732 in Naples, Italy.  They are a congregation especially dedicated to the preaching of the Gospel to the poor and the most abandoned.


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Since 1866, the Icon of Our Mother of Perpetual had been made known throughout the world.  This is mainly through the missionary efforts of the Redemptorists now working in the different continents of the world which we call conferences.  Today, however, the devotion to Our Mother of Perpetual Help is no longer confined to Redemptorist shrines and churches.  Indeed, it is beyond us as the devotion has become a global phenomenon through the work of the Spirit and the people's affectionate experience of Mary's maternal care and love.


Get to know the history and developments of the devotion of the Icon in the different conferences and countries around the world.  Know the different activities and programs about the preparation and celebration of the Jubilee in your own country and the different countries around the world.

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