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Background/History of the Devotion of Our Mother of Perpetual Help in Bangalore

A Brief History of the development of the devotion to OLPH in the Province of Bangalore


The Redemptorists from Ireland reached Bangalore in 1940. They began novena devotions to Our Mother of Perpetual Help in their little chapel at 8 John Armstrong Road.  Initially the people of Richards Town were coming for the novena. Gradually the people increased to this little chapel for almost eleven years at John Armstrong Road which by this time was completely incapable of accommodating all of them. It immediately became very popular. It was when Holy Ghost Church was consecrated in 1953; it contained a beautiful shrine in which the picture was placed.


Weekly novena devotions are conducted in kannada, Tamil and English. It is termed ‘perpetual novena’ because it is held once in a week throughout the year and also because people desiring to join in the Novena may begin at any week they choose. The feast is celebrated by the Redemptorists on 27th June but the Holy Ghost parish celebrates its annual feast on the last Sunday in January because of convenience. It draws large crowds from all over the city and the neighbouring towns. Like the child Jesus in the picture, the devotees seek refuge in her arms in times of need and she does not fail them. The thousands of thanksgiving letters read out over the years during the weekly novena are testimony to the fact that she is indeed their Mother of Perpetual Help.


The novena devotions to our Mother of Perpetual Help first began in this little chapel of St. Gerard’s, 8John Armstrong Road, Richard’s Town, Bangalore.


(The Chapel of St. Gerard, John Armstrong Road, Bangalore where the Redemptorists began the novena devotions to our Mother of Perpetual Help in India)







(St. Gerard’s house, John Armstrong Road, Bangalore)












      (Holy Ghost Church, Bangalore)


Though the church is dedicated to the Holy Spirit, it is widely popular among Catholics and non-Catholics in Bangalore, as the Church of “Our Mother of Perpetual Help” on account of the beautiful Shrine devoted to Mother Mary with the icon as the centre of attraction and devotion.


Tamil Nadu


The Holy Redeemer Church at Trichy is famous not only for its attractive architecture but also for the Novena for the Mother of Perpetual Help. In 1957, when Rev. Fr. A. Thomas was the parish priest, the novena to Mother of Perpetual Help was started by a Redemptorist priest Rev. Fr. A. J. Francis. As many miracles took place through Mother of Perpetual Help, people from different religions started coming there every Wednesday. There was an awakening in the people’s spiritual life.


The far side of the Madurai city, the Redemptorists began their community at, Anjalnagar and took care of the parish. The parish Church was named after Mother of Perpetual Help. Immediately they began the devotions to Mother of Perpetual Help. Perpetual Novena was inaugurated on 13.03.1976. The 200th week of the Perpetual Novena was celebrated on 27th September 2014. From here the novena devotions spread to other parts of Tamil Nadu.


Andhra Pradesh


In 1974, Tenali parish Church whose patron was Mother of Perpetual Help was handed over to the Redemptorists. Eversince they have perpetual novena without a break. In Hyderbad and Secuderbad MPH is very popular. The novenas were started by the Redemptorists.




Fr. Andrew Maghey started the novena devotions to MPH in Kerala. It is also popular in other parts of Kerala.



Photos and Videos of the Devotion to Our Mother of Perpetual Help in Bangalore